I have devoted my life to studying the way reality works through the different lenses of physics, psychology and neuroscience.
is.... you may be holding onto an outdated image of how you think your life SHOULD look. ⁣ ⁣ for
Yesterday i was getting ready for an event and I passed myself in the mirror and thought, "Wow. I look
I recently read an interview with an 80’s rockstar. Something she said really moved me, which I will repeat here:
After my last relationship, I took several months off before jumping into the dating world again at the end of
i have always been intense. intensely passionate, intensely curious, intensely intellectual, loving, emotional, sexual, you name it. for the majority
For me and for many other women I know, getting made up and taking beautiful, sexy photos is a form
Two days ago something FASCINATING happened. I posted this poll on my Instagram story and a ton of people responded
This is how I see it: anyone who makes art and feels like the creation of their art is crucial
This year I have done a great deal of research regarding instances of tragedy via ignorance (think Big Tobacco not
I have something that I want to talk about. And that thing is honesty. We live in a society that
Empathy has been the name of the game for me throughout the months of May and June. My dad is

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