This week our world lost an incredible artist. One that majorly inspired me on my journey to becoming a television
This week I realized that I'd gotten sucked into an old pattern: making myself small to fit into someone else's
This is what nearly every saturday evening is like at chez Joseph nowadays: me getting super duper inspired, listening to
Shouts to all of my sisters pursuing their goals and dreams in 2018. Cheers to the women who, in the
Cryptocurrency is a hot topic among millennials at the moment. I went to a party last night and literally everyone
When the head of the NRA says that gun control advocates "hate individual freedom," I think of mourning mothers in
I have been crying this morning. My heart hurts. How is it possible that a kid can go into a
I found this quote online and it made me laugh. You know what they should teach kids in school? Meditation.
"1 in 3 women ages 18 to 34 have been sexually harassed at work." Yes, this has happened to me.
It’s a lot. It’s a lot every single day. I was in a movie theater yesterday and the fire alarm
I feel SO lucky to be a woman in 2017. And, as headlines this week have proven, there is still
Giving yourself permission to be on the outside who it is you feel you are on the inside requires courage,

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