Hi! I’m Cayote Joseph.

At age 22 my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with cancer and a chronic autoimmune condition. My body was giving out on me; the prognosis was bleak, and after two and a half years of using conventional medicine with little to no improvement, I was nearing death and completely desperate.

It was at this time that I was introduced to a holistic way of healing. Within six months of learning about holistic medicine and discovering how meditation can help regulate the body and help it to heal, I made a complete and miraculous recovery!

This incredible experienced opened my eyes to the fact that there was far more to life than I had been told. It launched me into a 10 year journey of investigation in the fields of consciousness, quantum physics, neuroscience and psychology. I wanted to know: “WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE, WHAT ELSE HAS MY WESTERN EDUCATION FAILED TO TEACH ME?

Over the course of my journey to wellness (and then to happiness, and now to success and total empowerment!), I have been able to acquire some extremely useful and transformative tools that can and will change the lives of anyone who is ready to receive them.

My job as transformational coach is firstly to help people rewire their minds, habits and behaviors to step into the version of themselves they were put on this planet to be. Then, we shift our focus to the power of the amazing universe we’re living in – we learn how to harness it to our advantage. The truth is that when you understand the game of life and its rules, you can manifest your dreams and start playing to win!

There is nothing that lights me up more than helping other people – whether it be my one-on-one clients or my internet family – understand how to apply this knowledge in order to manifest their best lives.

There is a New Way of Living

My purpose in life is to let people know that there is a way of living that they don’t teach us in school. One that has absolutely nothing to do with the word “should,” that does not involve working hard, saving up for retirement, or waiting all week for the weekend to come… One that does not involve depending on our external circumstances for happiness.

Step Into The Life You Were Meant To Live

Revolutionize your most important relationship: the one with yourself! Then sit back and watch as your reality begins to reflect your inner transformation.


Amplify your personal power + magnetism


See a dramatic boost in your confidence and self-esteem


Release and transform limiting beliefs


Feel a deep sense of freedom and liberation from should’s and have-to’s


Receive an upgrade in your general happiness and wellbeing


Heal childhood trauma that is keeping you feeling stuck internally and perpetuating road blocks in your life


Feel more attractive and confident in your physical appearance and more connected to your body

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Success Stories


Transform your life with practical tools and guidance based on my 10 years of coaching and intensive research in the arenas of personal development, psychology, neuroscience, quantum science, and metaphysics.

My work is derived from the fundamental truth that it is WHO we are being that determines our reality. Our energy in the form of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions attracts our life experiences. My job is to help my clients reverse-engineer this fundamental truth and use it to their advantage. Using psychological principles and practices like hypnosis and shadow work, we rewire neural pathways, form new habits, and help them step into the energy of the person who has the life they want. They see small changes at first, and then the changes get bigger. My favorite part of being a coach is when a client calls me in tears because something happened that the old version of them would have never thought possible.

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