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How do we arrive at our goals when you work with me?

My coaching practice is based on 10 years of intensive research in the arenas of personal development, psychology, neuroscience, quantum science and metaphysics.

As your coach, I will help you unlock your subconscious and limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones that support you in the achievement of your long term goals.

You will receive practical tools and guidance to transform your self-concept and create impeccable self-esteem and confidence that will become the rock-solid foundation for every endeavor you pursue. 

In my spiritual toolkit are holistic psychotherapy, inner child work, hypnotherapy, quantum field meditations, energetic healing and somatic trauma release work.                                                       

During our time together you will learn the transformative principles you need in order to harness the power of the universe and unlock the doors to the abundance, joy, and radical love you deserve.

Quantum Science

Personal Development




Programs for one-on-one mentorship

When you work with Cayote, you will have a 1 hour, fifteen minute coaching session once a week. Each program is a rough outline for the work you will be engaging in: Cayote tailors each mentorship to the individual.

The Highest Potential Incubator

This program is a performance-coaching experience for those who are ready to step into the most confident, empowered versions of themselves and start winning in a way that is not just lucrative but also deeply rewarding. This is about taking your life, success and performance to the next level. In this course we work together to transform your self-concept, overcome your blocks and enhance your personal power through hypnotherapy, neural reprogramming, belief work and building supportive new thinking patterns and behavioral habits. (4-6 month course)

By the time our work together has completed, you will:

  1. Have healed past wounding patterns currently holding you back from having a life you absolutely love and are deeply proud of
  2. Have a new level of self-confidence and a new set of practical tools for being completely empowered in your life and the attainment of your goals
  3. Have expanded your consciousness; feel lighter, freer, happier and inspired
  4. Have graduated to a new level of excellence in the arenas of work/purpose and relationships


This program is for those who are ready to heal the wounds of their pasts and transform the trajectory of their futures. If you are dealing with trauma, hardship or chronic illness this is the course for you. In this course I will hold your hand as we work together to upgrade your worthiness, self-love and overall health and wellness through techniques including but not limited to hypnotherapy, somatic healing, neurological reprogramming, inner child work, EMDR and Internal Family Systems Therapy. (3-5 month course)

By the time our work together has completed, you will:

  1. Have transformed your relationship to yourself to include a deeply-connected sense of self-love and worthiness
  2. Feel more wholeness, wellbeing and trust than ever before and have a new empowered connection with your emotions and physical body (goodbye helplessness and frustration – hello health and self-mastery!)
  3. Be connected to your intuition and step into being the empowered creator of your reality
  4. See yourself differently in the context of your relationships as you will now have the tools to set boundaries and manifest connections that are healthy, uplifting and supportive to the newly transformed you

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is for people in partnership who are seeking 100{152be6e640f90a18422435cad1119b50045fdec9e4f0bb9161d050fa8c7c0897} objective/impartial therapeutic support and/or want to step up their romantic and sexual connection (read: have a passion-breakthrough!). This program is for you and your partner if you are:

By the time our four months together have completed you will:

  1. hitting walls within your connection but want to work through them in order to have a smoother, lighter, sexier dynamic
  2. are considering a separation and want to do all you can to see if reconciliation is possible
  3. experiencing the desire for a new depth of pleasure and intimacy but feel unequipped as to how to get there

My approach to partnership work involves communication techniques and intimacy practices guaranteed to leave you and your loved one(s) feeling safe, seen, understood and inspired.

Pricing and program lengths for couples counseling vary. For more information, fill out the application below!

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